St. Elisabeth Hospital, Ravensburg

Basic care hospital with 622 beds, Academic teaching hospital of the University of Ulm


St. Elisabeth Hospital, Ravensburg


2012 - 2017

2. construction stage (262 beds)

Construction section C:
New building for emergency medical care (2 MRT, CT), intensive care, IMC, endoscopy, centre for psychiatry, heliport on the roof, radiotherapy (2 linear accelerators)

Construction section D:
Medical centre for mothers and children (caesarean section), maternity ward, intensive care for children, 2 children wards, department for psychosomatic medicine (paediatrics)

Net area         18,284 m²
GFA                39,122 m²
GV                157,204 m³


2008 - 2013

1. construction stage (360 beds)

Unit  A:
new general care building including 10 wards, stroke- unit, physiotherapy

Unit B:
Modernisation of examination and treatment building with 10 operating theatres, radiology (PET-CT, CT, 2 Angio, NUK), cardiology (LHKM), urology (ESWL, TUR), conversion and extension of central pharmacy (TPN- Laboratory)

Net area          22,809 m²
GFA                 48,103 m²
GV                 195,789 m³



Restricted design competition of realisation with 12 participants

Special award, 1. prize after modifications, assignment according to VOF procedure


1999 - 2000

Preparation of an abstract functional and space requirements program

Target planning, stage III to V


1993 - 1994

extension radio therapy

2. linear accelerator as tandem-solution, magnetic resonance tomography


1988 - 1995

construction stage II, new functional building and conversion of treatment block

examination / treatment:

central operation unit with 11 theatres,

central sterilisation, X-ray diagnosis, nuclear diagnosis, computer tomography, intra-cardiac catheter measuring station

function diagnosis, lab diagnosis, pharmacy, pathology, supply of goods and disposal of waste

New building

Net area         10,400 m²
GFA                20,600 m²
GV                 83,000 m³


1981 - 1985

Construction stage I, new building of the south-east ward

New construction and conversion et al.:

general care ward with 105 beds,

intensive care with24 beds,

bedding station,

new main entrance and stretcher-transport access,

lift core, mechanical equipment room


1979 - 1980

target planning