Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, Silberburgstraße


Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, Silberburgstraße


2010 - 2013

Modification of high-rise building Reinsburgstr. 27, Stuttgart (IVG)

Implementation of reconstruction measures during regular operation.



Design study for the office building in Stuttgart



Administrative Centre in Reinsburgstraße, Stuttgart.

Modification of staff restaurant and cafeteria with 750 seats


2004 - 2006

New construction of office building in Hermannstraße 6, Stuttgart with 310 work stations

GFA                 9,000 m²
GV                 31,500 m³



1. Prize in an expert opinion process for the new office building in Hermannstraße


2002 - 2003

Administrative centre in Reinsburgstraße, Stuttgart

Modification of conference area


1980 - 1985

Allianz AG, Munich

Extension of head office, new construction of an office building including redevelopment of existing structures


1977 - 1989

Allianz AG, Stuttgart

New construction of Baden-Württemberg branch

New construction of an office building for approx. 2,000 work stations in 3 construction stages, integrating listed buildings in Wilhelminian style

Office areas, staff cafeteria, data processing centre, executive suite, board casino, shops, flats

Underground car park with 580 parking spaces

GFA                100,000 m²
GV                 384,000 m³


1977 - 1979

Design of new construction of Baden-Württemberg branch

District of Charlotten-/ Urban-/ Archiv- and Olgastraße



Preparation of feasibility study