2014 - 2022

New construction of Klinik am Eichert Göppingen


New construction of Klinik am Eichert; consisting of a new hospital building with 635 beds, care centre, medical school

Dedication of 1. construction stage 01/2013

St. Elisabeth Hospital, Ravensburg

Restructuring of the entire hospital during regular operation, 1. Prize (after redesign) in the respective limited design competition for realisation with 12 participants.

2013 - 2022

Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart

Reconstruction and retrofit Wilhelmhospital
Under construction during regular hospital operation with at least 90 beds.



Completion 10/2008

Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart


Joining of the Diakonissen Hospital and the Orthopaedic Hospital Paulinenhilfe on the site of the Diakonissen Hospital.

Award for exemplary building granted by the architectural association Baden-Württemberg in 2011

Robert-Bosch Hospital, Stuttgart

Restructuring of the entire hospital during regular operation in 3 financing modules and 38 individual measures.